buttfly lssMy referral to Linda was from a trusted yoga instructor who also had many years of experience as a dancer and in martial arts.  Linda exceeded my high expectations.  

Her approach is gentle and comprehensive, with profound results. In an initial long session she began by taking an extensive history and she made at least two dozen subtle adjustments. My body felt transformed as the changes settled in over the next day or two.  A few follow up sessions embraced the changes made.  Believe me, with Linda’s move from Boston, Grand Rapids has gained a wonderful talent.  (Jack S. Age 59, Professor)


lilyfenceInitially my work with Dr. Linda Squires was focused on getting relief from my immediate hip pain. From that first visit I could tell that Dr. Squires listened to me using her ears, as well as her hands, to sense how and where my body needed balancing.  I trusted her from that point on to understand how important my body was to me and how I sensed pain.  I felt that she considered me holistically, not just one part of my body, so when I left I felt that my body, my heart and my soul had received an amazing gift through her work. Her ongoing work provided alignment that I could hold.  18 months ago, Dr. Squires left this area, and I still feel the healing power she has brought to my life.  (Connie S, Age 65, Artist)