meditating3My great grandmother was brought to Colorado as a baby, riding across the country in a covered wagon.  My great grandmother married my great grandfather and they had my grandmother. My great grandfather got sick and was seen by medical doctors.  When he died my great grandmother blamed the medical doctors and vowed never to use western medicine again. My grandmother was raised only being treated by chiropractors and took my mother to them as well.  When I decided to become a chiropractor, needless to say my grandmother and mother were thrilled!

sibs4I was born in Oregon, Ohio which is near Toledo, Ohio.   I am the third born of four siblings. My parents’ best friends lived in Monroe, Michigan so we are always going there to visit. My family rooted for the Michigan teams.  I grew up listening to Motown out of Detroit.  I associated Michigan with beauty and fun! 

I got my Bachelor of Arts degree in 1976 at Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio. After graduation I worked at a facility and workshop for people with developmental delays.  In 1982 I went to Logan Chiropractic University in St. Louis, Missouri.  I graduated December 1985 and moved to Boston in 1986.  I passed the Massachusetts Chiropractic Boards in December 1986.

I started practicing chiropractic in Massachusetts in 1987.  I practice a non-force or non-osseous (meaning no cracking) technique called Dynamic or Directional Non Force Technique or DNFT.  I also perform osseous or cracking adjustments as well.  I apply myofascial techniques for muscles and sacro-occipital technique to help adjust the pelvis and head.  I also use muscle testing and energy therapy commonly during the adjustment.

I am in a 33 year long committed relationship with Rev. Colleen Squires who is the minister of All Souls Community Church of West Michigan. All Souls is a Squires 2014Unitarian Universalist congregation in Grand Rapids.  We were legally married in Massachusetts in 2004.  When Colleen started searching to be called to a congregation she gave me the list of churches in search of a minister.  I was the one who put Grand Rapids on our list of possibilities because I remember all the wonderful memories I had as a child visiting Michigan.  I am glad I did because it is a perfect fit all around.   We have a beautiful home in Grand Rapids which is also the home to our yellow Lab Shep and our two cats, Mister and Miss.  We love it here.

I look forward to starting my next chapter of working in Michigan as a chiropractor at Eagle Park Wellness Collective.  May there be many years of joy and healing while I am there.  I look forward to meeting you and helping you find the help you need.