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Introduction to Zero Balancing Class

Join Linda Squires on …. Introduction to Zero Balancing class. The class is free.

After working for another chiropractor for six years, Linda Squires went out on her own and soon found that she was extremely exhausted. She didn’t know what to do until a friend suggested a Zero Balancing Class. Now, 24 years later, she has been successfully practicing and attributes it to learning Zero Balancing of which she is a certified practitioner.

Zero Balancing is a therapy method which works with both energy and structure simultaneously.  It is done by touching the patient’s body with both clarity and strength while the practitioner is at the state of interface versus streaming or blending. When the practitioner is at a state of interface, his/her body is at containment and doesn’t allow his/her energy to stream or blend with the patient’s. This helps create an environment of safety and keeps the practitioner at an ultimate state of being while working. By touching the energy and structure of the skeletal system and placing hand fulcrums, Zero Balancing gives the patient a new experience in which they may change – deeply, permanently and thoroughly. The practitioner simply helps the person into a state of balance and lets nature, with the person’s inner resources, do the healing and produce a state of grace.

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